Architectural Speakers

Irrespective of architecture or interior design, Monitor Audio’s range of Speakers supply high quality sound from a versatile mix of floor, stand, wall and flush-mounted speakers.

C165 £90 Each

The C165 is a brilliant little in-ceiling speaker which is easy to install and has a clear, dynamic performance worthy of the brand. As part of the 100 Series of architectural speakers, it offers the biggest bass driver size of any speaker in its class, providing a convincing full-range sound in a wide range of locations.The Tweeter or High Frequency unit of the speaker can be adjusted for position and angled towards the listening position. The Speakers also have Gold Plated speaker terminals another indication of the hifi pedigree of the brand.

C265 £140 Each

Featuring a 6 1/2 inch C-CAM® bass driver and higher spec C-CAM® tweeter, the C265 in-ceiling speaker provides a seamlessly accurate sonic signature across a wide frequency bandwidth in high quality music applications or in multiples for home theatre. As part of the 200 Series of architectural speakers, it is easy to install and offers the biggest bass driver size of any speaker in its class. It includes a boundary compensation control for better sound near walls and corners.

C265LCR £200 Each

At the heart of the C265-LCR in-ceiling speaker has a unique Inverted Dual Concentric pivoting mid-range/tweeter module providing up to 18 degrees of play. The C265-LCR can be discreetly positioned, and then the sound can be directed into the desired listening zone by pivoting the IDC® driver module to maximize performance. The C265-LCR model is a true 3-way design featuring an 6.5” C-CAM® bass driver for use in discreet theatre or music based applications and offers superior performance and flexibility over typical 2-way or fixed angle speaker designs.

Preconstruction Brackets £20 Each

To allow for acurate placement of speakers before ceiling surfaces are finished, Monitor Audio have created a range of preconstruction brackets that are fixed to the ceiling joists during the construction phase.
The brackets have mesh wings that are used to fix the brackets to the joists and there is a compact tab within the bracket to hold the speaker cable in position. When the speaker is to be cutout the bracket acts as a cut guide allowing clean cuts without the need to measure or mark the finished ceiling surface.

Firehoods Price dependant on Quantity

Where there is a need for fireproofing the ceiling or adding sound insulation a range of firehoods can also be supplied.

All speakers come with cutout templates to allow acurate marking of the speaker location

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