Structured Cable Systems

Smart Wiring as it has become known is becoming more and more important in modern dwellings. A Smart Wiring or Structured Cable System is a wiring infrastructure that allows modern services such as digital TV and Broadband to be accessed throughout the home.

The 3 types of cable commonly used are as follows:

CAT5e or CAT6 Cable, Coaxial Cable, Speaker Cable

Incoming Services 5 Core Cable

For bringing external services into a central location a 5 Core cable is used as it can bring in SKY, TV, FM, DAB signals utilising a single run of cable, which simplifies installation time and greatly simplifies cable management

16 Gauge 4 Core Speaker Cable

Speaker cable, which is used to bring high level speaker signals from amplifiers to in room speakers. By using a 4 core cable only a single run of cable is required for a stereo pair of speakers simplifying the running of cables and the management of the wiring back at the equipment location.

Bundled Multimedia Cable

Under a single jacket are 2 Coaxial cables and 2 Cat5e or Cat6 cables depending on specification. This single cable is all that is required to be run to a room from a central location to allow full connection of a Sky+ HD box, utilising the 2 Coax cables for dish inputs and the Cat5e cable for a phone connection, and the second Cat5e for broadband if required.
The cable can aslo be used to send a High Definition signal over the 2 Cat5e cables using an HDMI active balun system.

Dual CAT5e Data Cable

Whenever running data cable to an outlet it is best practice to allow at least 2 connections, this creates flexibility to add a hardwired broadband connection and a phone or fax line if required. To simplify installation and to save cables snagging when being run we utilise a Siamese or Dual Cat5e cable for this requirement.

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