Pronto Remote Controls

The original Philips Pronto singlehandedly created a new class of programmable touchscreen remote controls for intuitive operation. Today, the concept has evolved into an integrated control solution for conventional home theater, multimedia content and lighting. With a combination of infrared control* and WiFi® wireless control, Pronto provides true multi-room control.

The current Pronto range includes:

Philips Pronto 9800 £1699

The Pronto TSU9800 offers all the advantages of the TSU9600… and more. With a razor-sharp, full-size 6.4” VGA display, two extra buttons and an optical rotary wheel, the Pronto TSU9800 touch screen control panel is even easier to operate than other models. Some consumers will appreciate the readability of the larger screen while others prefer the possibility of displaying more icons or menu options on one single screen.

Philips Pronto 9600 £1149

Sensational design and a breathtaking color display give the Pronto TSU9600 instant appeal. The smooth top and flush display is backed by an ergonomic ‘soft feel’ grip with a stylish metallic finish.

Philips Pronto 9400 £799

The slender vertically aligned Pronto TSU9400 features a bright vivid touchscreen. Ultra-thin with a stunning 3.5 inch QVGA color touch screen ideal for graphics, a rotary wheel for easy multimedia scrolling and conveniently placed buttons, the Pronto TSU9400 is a hybrid of full functionality and designer looks.

It will blend into practically any modern interior with its geometric aluminum and black gloss finishing. The backlit buttons and Pronto logo emit a soft white glow giving the Pronto TSU9400 an ultra-cool finishing touch when placed in its matching docking station to recharge.

Philips Pronto 9300 £599

The Pronto TSU9300 features a high-resolution flush-mounted 2.8” color touch screen. The superb contrast allows easy reading, while the slim and stylish design makes it easy to operate with only one hand. With its bright touch screen, white back-lit buttons and stylish design, the Pronto TSU9300 is a perfect fit for any advanced home system.

The Pronto TSU9300 is WiFi based and offers an out-of-the-box integration with several audio servers such as Escient, Imerge and Windows Media Center Edition computers

Philips Pronto 9200 £369

Ergonomically designed, the TSU9200 offers the best of both worlds: a familiar remote control look-and-feel with an easy Pronto interface that is a snap to program. Designed for ease of navigation with just the right balance of hard buttons and on-screen interfacing, the TSU9200 displays essential actions like ‘Watch a DVD’ and channel icons right on the LCD screen.

Fully compatible with all IR devices, the TSU9200 is full of functional design details, like handy white backlighting, laser-engraved tactile buttons to prevent wear, and a subtle minimalist docking station that doubles as a battery charger. Like other members of the Pronto range, the TSU9200 is ‘one-of-a-kind’ remote control that integrates everything from home entertainment systems to PC-based digital music libraries.


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